Summa Office Supplies

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Summa Office Supplies sells pencils, pens, folders, tape, and just about everything else your office needs. Their customer service is friendly and helpful, and they offer net-30 accounts for small businesses (even new and unestablished businesses).

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Phone Number
(818) 476-7892

Minimum Requirements

  • Business Credit Union or Bank Checking Account
  • Legal Business Entity & Any Required Business Licenses * In Good Standing *
  • EIN Number from the Internal Revenue Service
  • DUNS Number from D & B
  • Identical Business Address on All Documents

Tier 1

- $75 Minimum Purchase for Reporting to Business Credit Bureau(s)

Tier 2

- Personal Guarantee(PG) may be required by the vendor

- All payments (and any missed payments) towards purchases greater than $75 on a tier 2 account WILL be reported to D&B. (will have an optimal impact on your PAYDEX score)

How to Apply

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  1. Visit Summa's Website by clicking on the "Apply" button above
  2. Fill in your business information & click submit
  3. Place your first prepaid order
  4. Keep placing regular order to build your business credit with Summa & Equifax Small Business
  5. Play a $300+ order after six months has elapsed and click on "pay later"
  6. Get approval within 24 hours(you'll now be qualified for 30 day invoicing)
Phone Number
(818) 476-7892


  • No Personal Guarantee
  • You will need to make an initial purchase of $75.00 or more for $2,000.00 in credit.


  • Annual Fee: $75.00

Before you apply for a net-30, you should know they operate on a tier 1 and tier 2 credit system. This means when you open up an account with them, they will automatically put you into the tier 1 category. This category will require you to prepay for your purchases for six months while you establish a history with them. During this tier 1 phase, they will report trade lines to Equifax Small Business, not Dun & Bradstreet.After six months has elapsed, you’ll qualify for tier 2 and then receive net-30 credit terms. When you reach tier 2, the company will start reporting to Dun & Bradstreet monthly.

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