Vashon Gonzales

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Vashon has spent several years studying the financial markets with an emphasis on risk mitigation, fraud detection, and underwriting, while teaching himself how to code, develop, and streamline multi-functional applications on a wide variety of platforms. Vashon has been developing the Trak platform with the CTO for over a year and spent a year prior creating a strategy and forming the partnerships to start the project. His main goal is to provide an All-In-One financial OS that brings small business owners into the financial future with data and functionality that matters most in a small business - Credit, Cashflow, and easy access to their vendor debts with automated payments and reminders sent through push notifications and emails.

"Trak is only a baby right now that still needs to mature, business owners have no clue the magic going on behind the scenes and our plans for Trak to grow into the best small business application for several years to come!" - Vashon Gonzales


Vashon oversees all operations and ensures everything gets done on time through the CSO, COO, CFO, CTO, CPO, & CCO. Vashon has final decision on all company activity including approvals for product design and features.

  • Coordinates with all chief officers to ensure operations are working properly
  • Communicates with the CTO and CPO on product development, testing, and launch timing
  • Communicates with COO on Traks day to day operations
  • Communicates with the CFO to develop cost effective strategies
  • Talks with partners and suppliers/Negotiates deals
  • Develops company strategy and business plans
  • Approves company sponsored events and benefits
  • Assesses and mitigates company risk

The only financial data OS your business will ever need

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