Salma Hernandez

Executive Secretary
Ownership Percentage


Salma has been with the company since the beginning to create a plan for what is now TRAK.  Salma has always been proficient and studious in academics. From calculus to rocket science, she can solve even the most complicated problems quickly and efficiently, not afraid to get involved in the companies’ challenges. Salma has been a key front of the lines solder to creating the company marketing materials and even developing the company logo!

"Working with everyone on the team and watching the company grow from just a thought, passion, and motivation has been an amazing learning experience and I am very much looking forward to what the future holds for everyone on the team and all of our users" - Salma Hernandez


  • Attends meetings and keeps minutes.
  • Handles and prioritizes all outgoing or incoming correspondences (e-mail, letters, packages, etc.).
  • Handles confidential documents ensuring they remain secure.
  • Prepares invoices or financial statements and provides assistance in bookkeeping.
  • Monitors office supplies and negotiates terms with suppliers to ensure the most cost-effective orders.
  • Maintains electronic and paper records ensuring information is organized and easily accessible.
  • Conducts research and prepares presentations or reports as assigned.

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