Pankaj Sharma

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After completing his master’s degree in Technology for Computer Engineering, Pankaj started his carrier in 2013 as an IT professional. Now in 2021, with over 8 years of experience, he has built a team of consummate professionals consisting of 23 committed developers, for a total helpdesk and support sector of more than 47 agents which form the backbone of KAPED’s technology.

"I know what we are building is big - bigger than you and me. I know this because I'm the one building it, so take my word when I say Trak and its parent company, KAPED are going to be heavy disruptors known by everyone within the next year and a half" - Pankaj Sharma


Pankaj oversees the entire IT infrastructure. Pankaj is in charge of development projects including time management, value proposition, and intelligent ideas. He spends most of his career with the CEO and CPO in order to take their prototypes and mind maps to be able to craft a technological masterpiece that they envision.

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