Michael DeGuzman

Chief Risk Officer



Michael has a masters in mathematics and is a former marine, honorably discharged from service. He holds a FINRA 26, 56, 63, and 65.

"Trak is the most ambitious project I worked on, there's a lot more than what meets the eye. People are going to signup expecting a credit monitoring platform and be greeted with a very tech driven business financial platform powered by proprietary AI after our Patents get approved" - Michael DeGuzman


Michaels job within Trak is managing the money coming in and going out, compliance, and making sure there is a paper trail for everything the company is involved in.

  • Approves all company expenses
  • Constant management of the company books and records
  • Ensuring Trak stays in compliance
  • IRS Tax Filing
  • Handles chargebacks, payables, and receivables
  • Develops economic savings across all corporate treasury
  • Coordinates with the CEO to advise on strategies relating to the company profits

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