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With the startup scene more vibrant than ever, it’s undoubtedly an exciting time for business owners. Whatso many of them experience however, even if they’ve seen success so far, is a struggle to secure loans or credit simply because they’re new and haven’t had the chance to build up business credit.


The launch of revolutionary Fintech business Trak is here to solve that problem by providing these startups access to their first line of credit. And it’s set to shake up the startup and finance space!  


The inspiration behind Trak came through personal experience. Founded by Vashon Gonzales, Trak began as a business credit monitoring platform for SMBs and startups. The business was growing and seeing success – all targets were being exceeded but Vashon was still unable to secure any loans or credit cards because of his short time in business.


This sparked the idea for him to create a solution.


How Trak works is simple but smart. What they’re not about, is offering credit without considering risk first! This is why Trak asks that the business put some ‘skin in the game’ first by putting a security deposit down. The business can put down any amount and depending on what that is - and if they maintain a solid business credit score, Trak will issue an unsecured limit on top of their secured limit of up to 70% of the security deposit.


Let’s use an example; if a business puts down a $15000deposit and they have perfect business credit scores, Trak will add another$10000 to their $15000 credit limit.


The idea of the ‘skin in the game’ concept is to offer a way for small businesses to grow whilst mitigating risk. One of Trak’s core values is to help build wealth, not debt! It also means that for any business who has zero business credit, they can still break through the financial barrier to growth. They can put down a deposit and Trak will report their payments to the respective bureaus. Once the credit begins to build, Trak will increase their limit.


This innovative way of businesses gaining access to credit is one to be incredibly excited about. With the scene thriving more than ever, Trak’s first-of-its-kind business model is paving the way for these businesses to finally have a unique opportunity to grow and flourish.



Key Points to note:


·        Trak launched on 7/14/2021 by Vashon Gonzales.

·        Trak enables businesses and startups early access to credit and capital loans by putting down a deposit and maintaining good credit scores.

·        These credit scores can be monitored on the Trak platform by the business.

·        Once a business passes the requirements, Trak will issue an unsecured limit on top of their secured limit up to $10,000.

·        Even businesses with zero business credit can put down a deposit and secure capital.

·        Offers business owners the ability to monitor, build and scale their startup financing all on one platform.

·        Please see website -



Vashon comments:


“It’s an incredible platform unlike anything else on the market and the best part is businesses are able to potentially access Traks powerful features for free after completing special activities. I see Trak as the golden standard in the SaaS and fintech space and a hallmark to most small businesses and startups”


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Trak: A Revolutionary Way for Startups to Access First Line of Credit