Friend or Foe?

Be careful with who you do business with, our friend or foe reports allow your business to pull credit reports on any other company for pennies on the dollar compared to going straight to the bureaus.


Pull Credit Reports on Your Partners, Suppliers, and Customers

Without going through the bureaus directly, your business is able to purchase aggregated business credit reports on another small or medium sized business and even enterprises too.

Simply create an account which takes no less than 5 minutes and start building your business data collection right away!

Monitor your competitors business credit reports

Trak offers a unique and cost effective solution to mitigating risk through the friend or foe feature in our platform. By consolidating only the most important data from a variety of bureaus, we are able to present to you the most valuable business credit data resources at the most cost effective price.

Cost effective pricing

How much do you pay for a business credit report? $130? $310? How can you manage your cashflow with those kind of expenses eating away at your income every month? Trak offers the Friend or Foe reports as low as $0.69 per report! Get an aggregate view of your partners or competitors financial and credit standing for the price of a postage stamp, only with Trak!

Limitless storage

Print your reports, export to your external hard drive or simply store them inside your Trak portal for safe and secure storage by leveraging our built in AES encrypted technology. You never have to worry about space running out because you are not limited on the number of reports you can pull - just pay the very small fee mentioned above and start pulling business credit reports instantly!

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Do I need to be a lender to access business credit reports?
What comes in a friend or foe report?
How much does each report cost?

No, business credit reports do not need permissible use to pull like a consumer credit report. Business credit data, for lack of a better term can be classified as a public record.

Reports show a businesses tradelines, financial statements (if available), business address, number of employees, DBT Trends, business phone number, and a variety of other curated business data.

Reports range as low as $0.69 - $1.20 each