White Label Partners


Add Credit Monitoring To Your Firms Product Portfolio!

Offer your business clients access to their credit reports and scores under your brand, logo, and colors in a white label out of the box solution or completely integrate with our APIs to build your own custom solution!


Use Cases:

Banks/Neo Banks

Your small business customers crave value, in an age where a business can open an account using a mobile app in less than 10 minutes presents a risk of churned customers interested in the competition.

What you are doing to prevent churn

Your firm presents the best customer service, you listen to your customers, you provide top notch financial products at competitive pricing and your overall reviews are stellar, so why would customers churn?

Customers need a reason to stick

Almost every bank offers a free bank account, free debit card, quality credit and loan products and you are all competing against each other and marking down your prices - even giving money away to retain your clients when all your clients want is value. What do you have that your competition doesn't?

Enter Trak

Adding business credit monitoring to your client's dashboard is a valuable and unique property that no other bank has. User engagement and retention rates will increase as user's login to check their business credit score, user acquisition will increase by pure word of mouth (Gets your clients talking about your bank) and increase the overall valuation of your firms offering.

This product can be launched as a standalone white label offering, an API solution to integrate directly into your system, or a flexible embedded drag and drop widget to display the credit bureau of your choice.

Several business credit bureaus to choose from!

Do you want to be a white label partner?

To be considered for a white label partnership you must first meet the industry specific use cases described above (we do not accept most credit repair companies), you must also service a minimum of 500 clients, your clients must be business owners, and you must be able to pay the monthly bill on time. If you meet these requirements then we encourage a phone call from you to tell us more about you and your business!

Prohibited Industries Include:

- Credit Repair
- Tradeline Resellers
- Unlicensed Financial Service Providers
- Gambling
- Credit Coaches
- Home Based Businesses

*Initial setup fee of $10,000 required on Net 30 terms

Attract and retain valuable relationships with your commercial clients when you offer them monitoring to their business and personal credit reports and scores. As an added bonus, white label partners only pay passthrough fees + $5/module per active account each month.

Access the following modules:

Dun & Bradstreet

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