LexisNexis is scheduled to be released on the Trak platform sometime in December 2021

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Monitor Your Personal And Business Credit On One Platform

Visualize your personal & business health with concrete credit data that you can pull into any report or presentation

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Create impact
with real data

Stay up to date on your business health with complete and accurate credit data on both yourself and your business, make sure you qualify for a loan before applying.

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Active Trades
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Monitoring Your Personal And Business Credit Has Never Been Easier

With Trak, you will no longer need to switch through tons of other credit monitoring portals. We keep you updated with accurate credit data so that you can stay focused on growth.

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Why Choose Our Business Credit Data?


We keep you updated on both your personal and business credit with accurate and reliable business credit data which is important especially when looking/applying for credit.


Need access to credit? We provide curated credit card issuer suggestions where you can explore and be matched with the most suiting credit card for your business.


Grow your business with us. We report all payments to the business credit bureaus Equifax, CreditSafe, & Cortera in order to help you establish business credit.

Credit Bureaus We Work With

We Provide Accurate Reliable Business Credit Data And More!

We provide much more than just a better way to monitor your personal & business credit. Some of the other great features included are personalized lender suggestions when looking for capital, credit score simulator, business services such as business credit cards, and much more!

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Here’s All The
Good Stuff

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Reliable System

Pull credit data directly from the credit bureaus without affecting your credit score.

Lender Waterfall

Fill out one application and let our proprietary matching engine submit your application to the right lender/issuer for you


The built in marketplace houses choice products from our partner network that include credit cards, vendors, and business services.

Intuitive Design

Modern design and colors make your credit reports burst from the screen with our beautiful interface.


CEO at Allen Economic Consulting (Credit Plug)

"This is very exciting for business owners who are not only
looking to improve their business credit but also get more
information on other various data sources"

One Price For The Entire Experience

Business Plan


*Price will drop the more users we get on board.

Access to Business Credit Monitoring
Identity Monitoring
Net 30 Tradeline Vendor Marketplace
Business Lender Matching & Application
Cashflow Monitoring (Coming Soon)
Mobile App Access (Coming Soon)
Pull Other Businesses Credit Reports
Access to Personal Credit Monitoring
FREE Identity Theft Protection
Credit Card Marketplace
Business Credit Reporting
Business Insurance (Coming Soon)
Partner Perks
Assets/Liabilities Monitoring (Coming Soon)

Executive Plan

Coming Soon
Everything in Business Plan
Exclusive account executive with in-app communication
Priority Access to New Updates
Bi-Weekly Business Credit Refresh
Real Time Consumer Credit Refresh
0% APR Business Credit Card
Frequently asked questions

Need Clarification?

Will this affect my personal or business credit negatively?

No, this will not negatively impact your business or personal credit, you are free to cancel anytime as we do not report any negative information to the bureaus whatsoever.

Why is your prices higher than your competitors?

Unlike our competitors we show you a refreshed report every month with more up-to-date data you won't find anywhere else including LexisNexis & CreditSafe.

When will Trak be available for download?

We are already working on a mobile application for the Apple app store which should release before February 2022.

What is Traks most notable features?

Access to view over 8+ credit bureau credit reports on your own company with 3x more data points, reporting business credit, and being able to pull unlimited amount of other business credit reports are just a few of many special qualities that sets Trak apart.

Why can't I see Equifax on the Business plan package?

Equifax is very picky with who they release their data to for credit monitoring purposes so for this case we would have to hard pull your business Equifax report which doesn't affect your business credit health but may not fancy everyone's interest.

Where can I download Trak?

Trak can be downloaded on the Apple app store for right now and we are working on a web based solution. We currently don't have any plans of releasing on the Android play store.

Can I change my plan later?

Yes! You can change your plan anytime through the mobile app.

What is so great about the Lender plan?

The short answer is resources! You can monitor your business Equifax reports, pull credit reports on your vendors, and access tradeline reporting.


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